Joe Desantis
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In a warehouse, Jagwar Twin is hooked up to a treadmill by a team of scientists. You see he isn’t just a normal man. Attached to him are electronics and tech, as if he’s more robot than man. Throughout the video, he is subjected to tests from these mysterious scientists. As the video progresses, Jagward Twin begins to shed his electronic appendages and free himself from the testing machines, wires, etc. “breaking free.”

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GOAL: The core messaging of ‘Long Time Coming’ is about freeing yourself from the shackles of convention, and continuing to chase your dreams no matter how many people try and stop you.

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The video will open on a spool of 80s film reel, and zoom out to reveal that we’re in a cavernous lab space with Jagwar Twin placed on a futuristic treadmill. A team of scientists surrounds him, hooking him up with sensors and wires, furiously scribbling down notes. As the treadmill begins to move, lighting effects from below will signal that we’re in a Sci-Fi experiment.

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Throughout the video Jagwar Twin is subjected to certain tests while hooked up to these machines. The scientists show him objects that might be seen as objects of “success.” Fast cars, money, and other “empty” items. The idea is that these items don’t make you a success. Your hard work and dedication does. At first, his reactions lean towards these objects. But as the video progresses, he begins shedding the electronics off his body, making him less of a robot. And in turn, makes him less interested in the material objects.

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In between tests, he is set in front of a round table of “executives.” Reading over his test papers and random graphs, silently while looking over in a judging manner. Making “adjustments” to his tests to add control. When he is not in testing, or appearing before the “execs”, he is put inside his “room” where he is not allowed to leave.

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As Jagwar Twin sheds his last pieces of his cyborg self, he begins to rip off the sensors that have been connected to him throughout the video. He begins to fight off the scientists who are attempting to keep him on the treadmill. As the video reaches it’s climax, Jagwar Twin will slow-motion run off the treadmill, jumping over the board members and the table, towards the door. A slew of scientists chasing after him, while wires and last bits of tech drag behind him, still half-attached. As he reaches the door and opens it up to the outside world, the video concludes. The world is ready to meet Jagwar Twin, it’s been a long time coming.

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